Full permission to do whatever you desire today

If you ask any of my friends how much permission I give myself, they’ll probably tell you “a lot.”

I burp at the table. (Sorry, Mom)

I wear lots of glitter, velvet, gold and faux fur (at the same time).

I tell people my truth (even when it’s a hard truth that they don’t want to hear).

I dance and laugh like I’m having a full-body orgasm (because I usually am).

I will tell strangers about the infinite wisdom of pussy and the benefits of sex magic (because I’m here to make these things mainstream).

But I knew there were places where I still lived in a little cage of my own creation…

Places where I don’t give myself full permission.

Because I’m afraid people won’t like me.

Because I’m afraid people will judge me.

Because I’m afraid of being fully alive and powerful.

(Can you relate?)

So I challenged myself for a day (that turned into two days) to give myself full permission…

And filmed it all…and this is what happened…

Now, I want to hand the challenge to you…

Can you give yourself full permission for a day?

Full permission to dress how you want, say what you want, dance how you want, and live how you want?

Record yourself on your smartphone giving yourself full permission (and the results) and send it back to me and I’ll include you in my upcoming youtube video.

After filming your video, upload it to Dropbox, Wetransfer or Youtube and send us the link to the video at: [email protected] (Please don’t attach your video in the email as we won’t be able to view it, you must upload it to one of the above platforms and share the link) ❤️