3 Simple Tools to Build Confidence

Even though I always knew I was talented, I often questioned whether I’d ever be happy or successful in life because I was so anxious and insecure. I often cried in the car after parties because I felt like I’d f***ed up so badly in my conversations.

I also had a hard time not doing things like eating directly from the Haagen-Daz coffee ice cream container for breakfast, which didn’t seem to portent great things for my future. Second guessing myself internally at every turn made my inner world a living hell.

And the worst part, because I didn’t have the confidence to be myself—I felt horribly lonely because no one had the chance to actually love me for me. Many people abandoned me during those years, mostly because I had abandoned myself.

Turning that all around is what I consider one of my greatest life accomplishments. It’s allowed me to create such an amazing life, and most of all, to really love people and myself. So every time I see someone struggling with confidence, my heart totally goes out to them. I’ve been there….I know how much it sucks…and of course I still struggle with it sometimes, too…

A lot of you have written to me asking about how to be more confident…

So in this video I’m going to share with you my top 3 tools for creating confidence in your life. Check them out below.